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“All of our teachers in the schools and colleges need to hear this. They are the ones spending so much time with children and they need to understand about this kind organized in such a way that more school teachers could be brought in for workshops like this.”

“I have attended several biblical counseling workshops. At my age (he is 54 yrs old) I thought I knew everything. But I have just discovered that I don’t know so many things. It has been a change in my mindset on to a different level”

“I was wounded and broken. Now having attended this workshop has given me new hope that I can now get back onto my feet. The personal time with Ruby was very special. Thank you” 

“I have had a total paradigm shift in the way we need to care for our children. I am a psychiatrist and work as a counselor. This workshop is very much needed in India. Thank you for bringing this wonderful couple (Ruby & Lynn) to us”


“Marian Akhi, I am the Camp for my organization. As a Camp Team, I have the opportunity to do Over 30 Camps in a Year. So I have Contact and good relation with many of Children workers in Bangladesh. So for the Camp, I have to go different places in Bangladesh for doing the Ministry with the Children directly.

I had an Opportunity to attend training on Trauma in Bangladesh in 2015 and 2016 with Ruby and Lynn. From that Training, I have learned a lot about understanding the impact of Trauma and importance to have the attachment with children and parents. That Training was so helpful for me to understand the Children and their mind according to the age level.

Because of I am working and do Camp in rural Villages and most of the Children comes in that camp from different families. These Children are really vulnerable.

Before the Training, I have cared for my camp Kids but at that time I did not understand the cause of the different of the understanding level of kids. But after getting those two Training I equipped myself and now my passion for the Children totally different and it increased a lot.

In my Camp, I have found many children their growth and understanding level is different. Because of the Training which I have trained so now I can understand the level of the development of the Children. But because of the lack of knowledge most of our Caregivers, parents, and Teachers they misunderstood those children. So now when I have to go for Camp I treated kids from camp in different eyes with Love.

I also shared with the Care Givers and Workers about trauma and how it affected the kids. Last Year in 2016 I did 30 Camps and after and between the Camps I always share and encouraged to our Workers who worked with Kids Directly. So that they can take proper care of their kids."


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Working with children from a hard place - children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned, we must be prepared to help them with the impact of psychological trauma.


STARS Curriculum:  Suicide Training and Resiliency Strategies for Adolescents (contact us)


Training for Professionals, Leadership, Adoptive Parents, Foster Parents, and Social Workers  



Our Team

  • Life Skills for Aging out Youth - TRAINING OF TRAINERS
  • Becoming a Competent Caregiver
  • Assessing and Preparing Trauma Competent Workers
  • ​Leadership and Management Training
  • Environmental Assessments to Identify Training Needs
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation for Organizations

We offer a wide range of training programs.  Our team works directly with your team to come to the best solution for your training needs.

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We offer qualaity, best practice and evidenced base training programs, and we like to think we do it right. But, don’t just take our word for it--our participants and clients give us rave reviews!

"You have saved our family.  We were ready to give up before we attend your training.  I had no idea that my child had been so impacted by the trauma she had experienced before we adopted her.  It explains so much of her behavior.".....adoptive parent, Ukraine

We are committed to services and training that is:

  • High Quality
  • Best Practice
  • Evidenced-Based and
  • Specifically Focused on your needs.


.....Training of Trainers - Platform Skills

.....Training on Child Welfare Content

.....Trainer of Trainer Programs

  • Becoming a Trauma-Informed    Healing Parent/ Worker - 3 days
  • Adolescents and Psychological Trauma - 3 days
  • ​Sensory Integration and Emotional Regulation for Children of Psychological Trauma - 2 days
  • Secondary Traumatic Stress for the Worker/Parent/Caregiver of a Child with Psychological Trauma - 2 days
  • Teen Suicide Awareness and Intervention Knowledge

​We are a group of professionals, who have been working with families and children suffering from psychological trauma or its impact:  Social Workers, Counselors, and Therapists.