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Lyall, Kathy

and Lynn

Each team member is a professional with professional qualifications. We can provide references from  countries, government leaders as well as the USA and Canada.    

Families suffer with not knowing what to do when their adoptive or foster child begins to demonstrate behaviors that are challenging and difficult to manage.  

Children who have suffered from Chronic Trauma are often left with emotional scars that parents are unskilled and unprepared to work with.

In our training programs we work to help social workers, leaders and/or parents to become equipped to help a child heal from their psychological trauma.

We understand the impact of compassion fatigue and help workers and parents look deep into their own needs and find solutions to keep emotionally and physically alert and health.

Why Choose Us To do your training?

We are a committed team of professionals:

Our team is highly skilled and has years of experience. Most of all: they love training, strengthening professionals in their work with children and families, and building system training programs that will ensure safety, permanency and well-being for all children and their families.  


goals for trauma informed training


Our Promise to You

We Love What We Do

find families and change the course of the orphan care in their country.  National adoptions are increasing, foster care programs are being started where there have never been any before.

Our goal is to help in whatever way we can.  With training, consultation and support - We believe we will see a difference - ONE CHILD - ONE FAMILY AT A TIME.

Informed Workers, Prepared -  Healthy Families and Children  


Reason for training

Our team has worked all over the world:  Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Brazil, Kazakhastan, Russia, Armenia, Poland, Ukraine, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Nepal, and Romania.  

Get to know our key team -  an experienced team! 

Lynn Johnston, counselor, trainer and child welfare consultant, adoptive parent, curriculum developer

Ruby Johnston, social worker, consultant, international child welfare expert, trainer, former foster parent, adoptive parent, curriculum developer

Johanna Buchman, social worker, trainer, consultant, international presenter.

Lyall Hallick, trainer, social worker, manager, and leader in understanding services for persons with disabilities.

Kathy Hallick,  social worker, child welfare expert, writer, curriculum developer, consultant, manager.

Sonja Humbarger Goncalves, our administrative assistant. 



Our love for bringing hope and dignity to those who have given up and don't know for sure what to do next is a passion we share.  We believe training is a catalyst to change and in order to be the best professional, parent or worker possible, we need to be COMPETENT, CONFIDENT AND COMMITTED to our daily responsibilities, be they either parenting or leading.

We promise to always provide valuable and outstanding training.  We invite feedback and recommendations to improve on how we can serve and move toward a better world for children and families be they biological, adoptive, or foster.

We are Experienced

We have parented youth who have come from hard places and understand the impact of trauma on their lives..

With over 153 million orphans in the world today, we believe there is a renewed commitment to making  a difference in the lives of these children.  Churches, NGO's, governments are all showing new iterest in finding families for children.  One movement we are involved with is the movement of A World Without Orphans, which originated in Ukraine.

Today, there are hundreds of countries working to 

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[406 - 33 Ellen StreET - Barrie, Ontario  L4N 6E9]

Ruby and Lynn

We Truly Care